Scientific Equipment

The Amundsen’s pool of specialized equipment includes 65 scientific systems and 22 onboard and portable laboratories that can accommodate the needs of physical, chemical, and biological oceanographers, paleoceanographers, geologists, atmospheric researchers, remote-sensing specialists and medical scientists. These equipment systems are presented under seven main components:

  1. Internal/external laboratories and instrumentation
  2. Deck equipment, oceanographic samplers and ice equipment
  3. Oceanographic mooring instrumentation
  4. Ocean-Sea Ice-Atmosphere instrumentation
  5. Sonars and associated facilities
  6. Ocean colour in-situ remote sensing
  7. Equipment calibration and data quality control/logging/archiving systems

Internal/external laboratories and instrumentation

The Amundsen’s 22 internal and external laboratories and workspaces include nearly 300 m2 of dry and wet laboratory space and instrumentation for performing chemical, biological and sedimentary analyses.


Deck equipment, oceanographic samplers and ice equipment

With its extensive array of samplers and heavy equipment, the Amundsen is capable of investigating a wide range of environments from the sediments of the sea floor to benthic and pelagic ecosystems and the water column. Its various auxiliary transportation systems allow scientists to sample away from the vessel by sea, ice and air.


Oceanographic mooring instrumentation

Instrumentation for 26 oceanographic moorings includes current meters, sediment traps, hydrophones, profilers and a variety of sensors for measuring conductivity, temperature, and other oceanographic properties.


Ocean-Sea Ice-Atmosphere instrumentation

An ensemble of ship-based sensors and physical samplers are available on board to study the interactions between the ocean-sea ice-atmosphere interfaces and to investigate sea ice dynamics and processes.

Upper atmosphere:

On ice meteorology:

Ship based meteorology:

Sea ice/snow:

Upper ocean:

Aerial photogrammetry:


Sonars and associated facilities

The Amundsen’s sophisticated hull-mounted sonars allow for bathymetric mapping and investigation of the upper layers of seafloor sediment whenever the ship is in transit. With the gate valve and SX90 sonar, researchers are able to conduct unprecedented fisheries and marine mammal research in Arctic seas.


Ocean colour in-situ remote sensing

The Amundsen’s equipment pool includes the most recent remote and near sensing technologies and autonomous floats that are used to measure ocean colour and biological productivity in ice-infested waters.


Equipment calibration and data quality control / logging / archiving systems


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