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Familiarization Guide

The Canadian research icebreaker CCGS Amundsen supports an increasing number of scientific programs involving participants with a wide range of seagoing experience. In light of this, the Canadian Coast Guard has prepared a Familiarization guide for future passengers aboard their ships.

Note that this general introduction guide to CCG ships and their handling does not include instructions in the event of an emergency, nor the operational directives specific to each ship; this information is set out in the Standing Orders of the Commanding Officer and of the supervisor.

The Guide is intended for "supernumerary personnel" defined as all people who do not belong to the ship's operating complement, but who play a role associated with the work being conducted with the ship. They may be:

  • Scientific personnel;
  • Contractual personnel;
  • Technicians who normally work ashore; and
  • Any other person who is not a Department employee, for example, students who work aboard CCG ships.

Though the main focus of this guide is safety, many pertinent pre-departure information and mandatory pre-boarding forms and waivers are also included.

Please contact us before filling out any form or waiver in order to make sure you are using the latest versions.


  The Familiarization Guide for Supernumerary Personnel Carried Aboard CCG Ships

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