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The CCGS Amundsen is one of the few Canadian Coast Guard ships to have a dual purpose. The Coast Guard maintains the infrastructure operational and available for science for up to 152 days of operations per year, over a period of 6 months from mid-May to mid-November. Special arrangements can also be negotiated with the Coast Guard to extend the availability of the CCGS Amundsen in a given year to accommodate circum-annual science programs in the Arctic. The Coast Guard uses the icebreaker for its own icebreaking/escort operations from December to Mid-April (141 days of operation).

Every year the CCGS Amundsen operates in Arctic and subarctic regions in support of Canadian research programs and collaborations with industry and international partners. Because of the high demand for ship time and the short window of operations in northern seas, the Amundsen’s schedule must be carefully planned several months in advance.


Science programs requesting access to the Amundsen are required to submit a formal Ship Time Application. Programs submitting a request should already have secured or anticipated funding for ship time from a funding agency (e.g. NSERC in Canada) and have undergone a scientific review process that confirms the scientific excellence of the proposed program.

Primary programs requesting a significant number of berths (>5) on board and/or a significant amount of dedicated ship time, should preferably submit their request at least 18 months prior to their anticipated expedition dates for efficient planning purposes. Official deadline is 30 September of any given year to join the Amundsen expedition the following year. Secondary programs requesting a minimal number of berths (<5) should submit their request at least 7 months prior to their anticipated expedition dates and before 1 November of a given year to join the Amundsen expedition the following year. This Primary and Secondary user procedure is aimed at facilitating the scheduling process for the Amundsen by providing sufficient lead time to plan user access. It also provides small programs with a "last minute" option to join the Amundsen expedition (e.g., following funding confirmation).

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Guidelines – Amundsen Ship Time Application

Amundsen Ship Time Application Form

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