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In 2014 the Amundsen participated in a Platform Outcome Measurement Study (POMS) aimed at assessing the outcomes and impacts of national and regional research platforms that have received funding under the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI). The POMS Expert Panel Report highlighted the impressive achievements of the Amundsen science program since 2003, including the ship's scientific and technical capabilities; its role in revolutionizing Arctic science; its capacity to conduct internationally competitive, cross-disciplinary, cross-sector research; its engagement of end-uses; and its contribution to training a new generation of Arctic scientists.

“The Amundsen fully qualifies as a national facility, supported by its uniqueness, mandate, capacity and contribution to advancing science in Canada and internationally. It addresses leading-edge scientific problems of significance, scope and complexity and generates new knowledge and manifold benefits for Canada and Canadians.”

Expert Panel Report – Platform Outcome Measurement Study – Amundsen, November 2014

Visit the CFI website for more information on the POMS Expert Panel report and take a virtual voyage on board the Amundsen with the CFI's new multimedia feature (hereunder) celebrating Canada’s only dedicated research icebreaker.

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